Who are we?

“We live. We love. We work.”

Who are we? We are Oksana & Mykola. We are ArtDuo. Ukrainian painters & European citizens. Mastering techniques of aquarelle, pencil, acrylic, oil painting & assemblage over 35 years. We are actively involved in Workshops, Creative ateliers for children, adults & seniors. Children’s books Illustrations, Art projects & Exhibitions. You can find our work in EuroepanArt Gallery House, Nemšova & in the Family center, Trnava. Art & creativity is our life.

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Illustrator, Freelance academic painter. As an artist, I express myself in the following techniques: aquarelle, pencil, acrylic, and oil painting. My passions are illustrations for children, romantic symbolism, chamber-lyrics themes, music in painting, art portrait, painting on fabric & life with God. Exhibiting since 1985… read more
Mobile: +421 902 714 648
E-mail: oksana.lukom@gmail.com
Facebook: Oksana Lukomska Art


Freelance academic painter & artist. As an artist I specialize in techniques such as oil painting, installation, multimedia art projects. Organizing & participating in exhibitions, workshops & charity events. Exhibiting since 1985… read more
Mobile: +421 904 896 351
E-mail: m.bilart@gmail.com
Facebook: Mykola Bilart

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